Solo female travel safety tips

Solo female travel safety tips

In recent years, more women have taken off on solo adventures than ever before. After all, why wait for friends or that special someone to join you when you can have an epic adventure all to yourself? Naturally though, female traveler safety is one of the most important things to keep in your mind when you’re setting off on your own.

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You’ll have a wonderful time and some truly amazing adventures when traveling solo. However, know these solo female travel safety tips to stay protected when making your way around the world. 

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1. Read up on your destination

The first rule of female traveler safety is to know as much as you can before you arrive. Sure, being spontaneous and venturing toward whatever sparks your interest is a great idea, but when it comes to arrivals and getting places, make sure you know what you’re in for.

Learning about the best way to get to your accommodations, which taxi companies are reputable, and what scams are common are good things to start with. A very good place to start is Travel Advisories - especially during COVID times!


2. Learn the language (even just a teensy bit)

You certainly don’t need to be a master of another language (though if you are, that’s awesome and there are plenty of learning apps out there to help you get started!), but knowing key phrases makes it easier to communicate.

For everything else, you can use a translating app that will help you with bargaining, ordering from a menu, and finding out anything else you need to know. 


3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Female traveler safety means having a backup plan. If you hide some of your means of payment in different places, you’ll always have a secret stash to rely on should you be a victim of theft.

Make and keep copies of your personal and travel documents. And don’t put all your money and credit cards in one place either! 


4. Let your bank and credit card companies know your plans

Your bank and your credit card companies are trained to note unusual behavior on your cards for your protection. That being said, make sure they know of your travel plans so they don’t put a hold on your card thinking that it’s stolen when you’re traveling. 


5. Don’t tell everyone your story

One of the most important female traveler safety tips of all is to never act like you’re flying solo. While most people you’ll meet will be amazing, there are some you’ll need to be careful of.

To that end, never tell people you’re alone or where you are staying, especially if there’s a man making unwanted advances. A little white lie like, “I’m waiting for my friends” or even a boyfriend and husband can help remove the target from your back.


6. Unblock your phone

Along with alerting your bank and credit cards about your travels, make sure you go to your phone carrier and have your phone unlocked.

From there, you can get a cheap SIM card while abroad to use your phone and data to stay in touch, use maps, and do whatever you need to in the palm of your hand.


7. Stay somewhere safe

One of the biggest rules in female traveler safety is to choose accommodations that will keep you safe. You can stay in a hostel, though find one that is reputable.

You’ll make friends with other solo travelers and be able to participate in activities with them at the hostel. You can also look for a hotel if you’d really rather stay solo on your journey, though again, find one that is renowned and safe. 


8. Never leave your bags unattended anywhere

Is it a royal pain to take your bags with you to the bathroom while awaiting your flight? You bet. But it’s better than coming back to find all your things have been stolen.

Plenty of hotels offer locked luggage areas that they can stow your stuff in on the day you check out so you can explore more until it’s time to head to the airport later. But once you have your bags, keep them always in your line of vision no matter what.


9. Avoid overpacking

As you’ve just read the last point, now you know why it’s probably best not to pack everything and the kitchen sink for your female solo travels. Pack light and you’ll be better able to manage all your essentials on your trip.


10. Listen to your Instincts

This could be your number 1 female traveler safety tip! Most women have been in a situation where their internal alarm is wailing that something is not right. You don’t owe an explanation to anyone if something doesn’t seem right.

Go with your instinct, it could very well save your life. Also, be cautious with alcohol consumption and just as you would on your own turf, don’t accept drinks of any kind from anyone unless you can see them being poured with your own eyes. 


Enjoy the Adventure

Yes, you should always have female traveler safety in mind when seeing new places on your own. But don’t let that keep you from having a good time or making new friends. Keep focused on being safe while opening your mind to the cultural and spiritual changes you have the blessing to discover during your solo travels. 

It’s a big change from traveling with others to going it alone, but one day you will look back and be so glad you took this chance. You’ll grow as a person and find new inspiration in your daily life.

Plus, you’ll learn how to count on yourself when it’s just you and your camera snapping photos of things you’ve only dreamed of seeing with your own eyes. 

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