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Routzz Experiences are outdoor travel guide apps designed to allow you to undertake a self guided, multi-day outdoor tour with ease and convenience. Each app contains all the information you need to fully enjoy a self supported tour from start to finish.

Routzz outdoor travel self guided experiences are designed to make multi day outdoor tours easy and safe from a planning perspective. If you are comfortable with outdoor activity and are fit and healthy we're sure you'll love our guides!


In order to use the Routzz app, you must have an Android or Apple smartphone. If you are looking for a smartphone suitable for outdoor use, you should read our detailed buyers guide for rugged outdoor smartphones

Routzz currently operates only on iPhone or Android smartphones.  

No, prior to your departure, by downloading your purchased tour guide, you will have access to the full guide offline. The Routzz app uses no data for navigation and can be used while your phone’s cellular data is off. You may require data if you click on additional information links within the app - such as accommodation and services web pages and contacts.

The app uses some battery, mainly for the screen and GPS. By default our app dims the screen between cues, so you should be able to easily get a full days outdoor navigation with a fully charged battery. If you are concerned about battery live, you can conserve battery by taking the following steps:

  • Use a dedicated navigation smartphone and turn cellular data off while riding.
  • Keep the screen off as much as possible when not in use.
  • Turn off other apps.
  • Reduce maximum screen brightness.
  • Charge your phone whenever you have access to an outlet.
  • Bring a portable cell phone power bank to recharge your phone on the go.  

The phone memory used in downloading a full Experience guide app will vary depending on the length of a routes and number of days. A typical 2 or 3 day Experience will take up about 30MB of space on your phone. We recommend having at least 200 MB of free space on your phone.  

Routzz works on either iPhones or Android phones. The app requires iPhone operating system version 11.2 or newer; or Android 5.0 or newer (“Lollipop” through “Pie”).

If you wish to save your logged trip data and view it after the tour, you can create a free Ride with GPS account before using the Routzz app. Then, once you finish navigation at the end of a ride, you will be prompted to save that ride. You have the option to name it or it will default to the date of the ride. 

  1. First download the Routzz app from the Android Play store on your phone.
  2. Once downloaded, open the app and you'll be prompted to enter the 5 digit code to download your specific routes guide package (you will have received the code via email).
  1. First download the Routzz app from the Apple App store on your phone.
  2. Once downloaded, open the app and you'll be prompted to enter the 5 digit code to download your specific routes guide package (you will have received the code via email).

You should not need to look frequently at the map while traveling, unless you want to stop and turn your screen on to look at it. You can and should follow the spoken turn-by-turn voice navigation. A visual cue for a turn notification will flash over the lock screen to go with the audio alerts. If you are using your phone on a bike, you will need a smartphone mount.  

Your smartphone can be very easily used for outdoor navigation with the Routzz app. You can read our detailed article on how to use a smartphone for navigation

We strongly recommend a robust, all weather handlebar mounted smartphone mount. You can find detailed information on our recommended smartphone mount article .

The Routzz app will not re-route you if you go off-course. The app will show you a spoken reminder as well as a written prompt with directions and distances to get back to where you left the course. You may want to take a break and look at the map on your phone's screen to help you visualize getting back on track.

We strongly recommend using a sealed smartphone mount or a rugged outdoor smartphone which can be used in all weather conditions.

Our App is a standalone iOS or Android native product, so the one thing it does require is a smartphone holder for best use on a bike.


It doesn't cost you to become a creator on Routzz — no upfront, management, or hidden fees. For each of one of your routes, you receive 50% of the revenue. Routzz receives 50%, which is invested in our editing, marketing and distribution.

Anyone who has logged or mapped out fun and exciting bike touring routes can submit their routes . We accept submissions from individual bicycle touring enthusiasts, cycling clubs and associations and bike touring companies.

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  1. Copy the discount code (unless it is automatically applied).
  2. At the checkout page, paste or type in the discount code in the "Discount code" field (NOTE: on mobile devices you have to tap on "Show order summary" to view the discount field").
  3. Tap "Apply".
  4. The discount will be reflected in the checkout total.