Best Bicycle Smartphone Mounts

Best Bicycle Smartphone Mounts

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If you’re on a road bike, gravel bike, or just cruising around on your fancy new electric bike, keeping your phone nearby can be a great feature. But if you are relying on your smartphone for navigation, then you need to find one of the best bicycle smartphone mounts, to keep your phone safe and visible at all times.

A classic phone mount attaches to your handlebars or handlebar stem, and is securely locked in for a hand’s free experience, keeping your phone visible and secure.

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Bicycle handlebar smartphone mount

Bike phone mounts are genius in their simplicity and functionality. They take a device you already carry in your pocket on every ride and move it to your stem or handlebar, where you can follow turn-by-turn directions at a glance and track your progress through apps like Routzz.

Sure, there are plenty of awesome cycling-specific GPS computers to buy, but why spend more money when you already own a device capable of most of the same functions?

Best Bicycle Smartphone Mounts on ebike handlebar

The same way that a multi-hundred-dollar GPS is securely held into place, so too will your phone be safe—even on fast descents and bumpy roads. Bad weather doesn’t need to be an issue, either.

Many classic phone mounts, like the rugged GUB Plus 6 and the hi-end Quad Lock, come with accessory covers that promise full waterproofing. 

Another option is using a rugged smartphone that can simply be mounted using any universal adaptor, as such a phone is itself waterproof and highly impact resistant.

Over the past few years, phone mounts have become increasingly sleek and unobtrusive, offering a better experience to riding with a big-screen GPS.

Mounts can be cell-phone-size specific which will lock you into using a single phone, while others, like the  Quad Lock system, can be mounted by affixing a universal adapter to your phone directly or buying phone specific case.

Alternative options include small cases with phone pouches under a waterproof screen, like the Rock Bros Top Tube Bag that attach to your bike’s top tube and fit not only your phone, but snacks and cash, too.

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