Self Guided Navigation Apps for Business

Do you or your staff spend way too long describing tour routes on paper maps or gps tracks to your customers or guides? We've got your back.

With Routzz Apps for Business, you can offer your own branded self guided tour apps without writing any line of code.

Need help with the route design or content? We can help create original content for you too.

Every subscription includes:

  • Fast and easy customer access using a 5 digit code or QR code.
  • Easy to follow itineraries, points of interest and navigation in one app.
  • Audio and visual turn-by-turn navigation to guide your customers.
  • No user account signup needed, for faster customer hand overs.
  • Fully managed account so you don't have to waste time editing yourself.
  • Ability to publish your custom content, brand and routes in each app.
  • Ability to offer up-sell vouchers and link to other products.
  • Unlimited downloads for iOS and Android devices.

60 Day Money back Guarantee on subscriptions

Sign up for a B2B navigation app today

It's like having a private guide for each of your customers and an extra point of sales person for less than the price of your bike rental fee.