9 Reasons Why Cycling Rules for Health, Wealth and the Environment

9 Reasons Why Cycling Rules for Health, Wealth and the Environment

Cycling is a cheap, accessible way to enjoy time in the great outdoors. It's also one of the best ways to get the exercise you need to stay healthy and help yourself live longer.

Cycling can also be a great way to save on rising transportation costs and reduce your environmental footprint.

Man dismounts from his bicycle in an urban setting

Here are 9 reasons why cycling rules Cycling Rules for Health, Wealth and the Environment - and why you might want to try cycling this summer!

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Health Benefits of Cycling

1 Burn more fat

Cycling is one of the most effective ways to stay in shape. It boosts your heart rate and burns more calories than walking or running. In fact, it's more than twice as effective at burning fat, according to a recent study.

2 More efficient exercise

Even if you're not overweight and don't need to shed the pounds, cycling is the way to go. And if you're worried about getting enough exercise, cycling is an effiecient way to get all the benefits of a workout in just a short time.

3 Lower impact exercise

Plus, cycling is a low-impact exercise that doesn't put stress on your joints. The low impact also makes cycling easier on people who are recovering from injuries or illnesses. This means that anyone can enjoy cycling for their health!

Economic Benefits of Cycling

This is where bicycle really make sense: If you bike to work instead of taking public transportation, you may save around $800 per year. You may save more than $7,500 per year if you swap in your car for a bike and utilize it as your primary mode of transportation. So, depending on your circumstances, the annual savings from biking to work might range from $800 to $7,500.

4 Reduce transport costs

There is no cheaper way to travel commuting distances than you can with a bicycle. Between public transport passes, whole or fractional motor vehicle ownership and paying high gas prices, one way to save money is to start cycling. Once you factor in private motor vehicle maitenance costs, the saving are monumental!

5 Reduce parking fees

Plus, if you cycle as your main mode of transportation, you'll be able to spend less on gas and parking. A recent study found that for every mile bikers ride in the U.S., they save $0.24 per gallon of fuel (with an average bike commuting distance of 5 miles).

6 Reduce fuel costs

This means if you commute by bike 20 miles per week, it would cost only $2.40 in gas each week—without even taking into account the cost of parking at or near your destination!

Not only will cycling benefit the environment, but it’ll also help you reach your financial goals. With current fuel prices, this becomes more of a no-brainer.

Environmental Benefits of Cycling

7 Low carbon footprint

The environmental benefits of cycling are too many to count. Cycling has the smallest carbon footprint in comparison to other methods of transportation - beaten only by walking, since all you need is a comfortable pair of shoes!

8 Less air pollution

You don't have to worry about the increased levels of ground level air pollution such as CO2, nitrogen dioxide, and particulate matter that come from using other modes of transport.

9 Less traffic and noise

Additionally, bicycle-friendly areas encourage less use of cars, which reduces congestion and can lead to healthier air quality as well as less noise pollution. The more bicycles used, the better it is for the environment!


Few things pack such a powerful combination of positive impacts on your Health, Wealth and the Environment as cycling - so if you already use your bicycle on a regular basis to get around for work and fun, congratulation and thank you!

If you don't yet, I hope these 9 powerful points will make you want to use your bike all the more! But once again, if you need some inspiration, take a look at our ready to ride bike tour Experience guides. 

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Personally I love the sense of achievement when I know I just completed a challenging ride, being it because of the speed, the incline and so on. This is the only kind of workout that doesn’t feel like a hassle for me, it just works.


Funny enough, I bought a bike because I wanted to take my dog to a forest near us. A lot of $$$ later I can say we’re both hooked! She has her own gear depending on the weather, it’s great being able to walk her and get all that exercise. As a desk rat I had awful, awful posture but that is all gone now.


I do it for my wellbeing, can’t imagine my life without it. Nothing clears my head better than a late bike ride. Less people, less traffic, lower temps, therapy for my soul. Add to this the fact that an hour long biking session is a good calorie burner and you’ve got a no brainer.


Switched from running to cycling for the exact same reasons! Running is cool and trendy but having severe joint pain and messing up your knees is not. One thing I discovered once I started cycling is how easy it is to make new connections which is great for an extrovert like myself.


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