Case Study: Enhancing Guest Engagement with Branded Experiences

Sublime Comporta Resort epitomizes luxury and tranquility, offering innovative ways to engage guests further and enrich their stay. Previously, the resort outsourced guest activities to outside operators, missing out on valuable opportunities to enhance guest experiences and capture goodwill.

  • Challenge:

    1. Limited Activity Engagement: Wrong bikes, no marked routes and low guest engagement.
    2. Operator Dependent: Lost revenue and little control over the guest experience.
    3. Infrastructure Constraints: Conditions of local trails presented a significant barrier to guests.
    4. No Direct Value Capture: Resort was unable to directly capture the value of guest activities.
  • Solution:

    1. Custom Branded App: Enables guests to easily explore curated routes and points of interest.
    2. Local Operator Partnership: Using local operator ebikes, while still owning the experience.
    3. Integrated Guest Experiences: Built-in upsells to enrich their stay and increase revenue.
    4. Easy Access: QR codes enable immediate engagement without extensive staff involvement.


1. Enhanced Guest Experience

The branded app offers guests an interactive guide to explore at their own pace, enhancing discovery and satisfaction for an enriched stay.

2. Increased In-House Upsells

Integrating upsell offers in the app boosted resort revenue, as engaged guests were more likely to book extra services.

3. User-Generated Content

Branded tours prompted guests to share their experiences on social media to attracted new guests through powerful, authentic marketing.

4. Cost-Effective Solution

Routzz App delivered ROI through up-sells and guest satisfaction, enhancing brand value while setting Sublime apart in their market.

Key Takeaways

Leveraging digital innovation to transform guest experiences, offers a blueprint for other hotel resorts aiming to deepen engagement and enhance their value proposition.

  • Innovative Engagement

    Simple solution to enhance guest experiences with very low investment.

  • Brand Enhancement

    Branded apps elevate brand value through direct engagement and up-sell opportunities.

  • Simplifying Access

    Proven technology to simplify guest interaction and access to local insights.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    Collaboration with local operators can lead to the development of unique, branded experiences.