11 mistakes you make when planning a trip

11 mistakes you make when planning a trip

11 mistakes you make in travel planning, passport and hat

From the most experienced travelers to those who are just beginning to venture out, we all make mistakes when planning a trip. Here's what to avoid!

Whether out of ignorance or overconfidence, there will be many mistakes you make when planning a trip with which to learn for the future. These are just a few of those that can negatively influence the long-awaited vacation around the world.


1. Being too adamant about dates
Let's get straight to the point: leaving a day or two later or earlier can mean significant savings in flight prices. The same applies to the return. Do your research online before you even ask for vacation days at work. If you have 15 days available, for example, a trip of just 10 gives you some flexibility for the day of departure. Keep in mind that flying mid-week is usually considerably cheaper.

2. Made reservations on dates too close to departure
Think carefully. We all want the best price-benefit ratio for our purchases. For this reason, the first to book flights, rental cars and hotels will choose the best prices. Unless it is completely impossible for you to decide beforehand, plan your trip well in advance. Opinions among those studying the industry vary, but two months earlier is a good yardstick.

3. Chose a hotel without studying the city map well
For those who want to explore a city well, the hotel only serves to sleep and, in some cases, to have breakfast. In addition to the price and cleanliness, the hotel's location is its most important feature. Saving on accommodation further away from the center but having to waste a lot of time to reach the monuments and other attractions is not a good idea. In addition, you will end up spending a lot of money on public transport or spending your precious time walking through less interesting areas.

If you find the ideal hotel and it is further from the action, make sure you have a metro station close by (preferably with a direct line to the center) and buy a pass for several days. Also, do not forget, even before departure, to carefully study how to get from the airport to your chosen hotel, especially if you arrive at night. Also be careful with check-in and check-out times.

4. Planned too many activities
With the limited number of days, many people end up over-filling the schedule of activities to be done and end up walking more stressed and running around than if they were working. Plan your days well but leave plenty of room for unplanned stops or explorations of unexpected places. Get up early to make the most of it but forget about strict schedules.

5. Choosing multiple flights with short stopovers
Be cautious and consider reserving “that” perfect short stopover you've found. If the first flight is delayed (which is not that rare) you will end up losing your connection and having to wait at the airport for the next flight that leaves for your destination without being completely filled. This was purchased both flights in one package.

If you acquired them from different operators you will, quite simply, miss the flight and ... the money. Buying a new seat on a plane from the airport for the same day or the next is not guaranteed and it will be quite expensive!

6. Establishing an overly optimistic budget
It's easy to get excited when we find the trip we really wanted at a great price. It is also easy to forget to include other unavoidable expenses in our budget. Please note the following costs:

  • seats on the plane, hold luggage and food (especially at low cost airlines).
  • tickets to museums and other attractions.
  • local public transport (including transfers to and from the airport).
  • credit and debit card usage fees (consult your previous bank).
  • roaming and data mobile.
  • extra services in hotels.
  • possible accidents with rental car that force you to pay the deductible (consider paying a little more for the download if you are in a country where the risk of accidents is higher).
  • parking rented car.
  • street food throughout the day and dinner at an unmissable but more expensive restaurant.
  • tips ...

7. Didn't ask for a temporary credit card limit increase
The truth is that credit cards have become essential for traveling today and “save our lives” many times. When renting a car, for example, we often have to use it to leave a deposit when we collect the car (we will return that amount on delivery if the car returns “the same”). If that deposit is 1000 euros ...

We could give you many more examples of everyday use when traveling. Never forget to ask for a temporary limit increase in time, something that some banks allow you to do in a homebanking session. As a reason, invoke “travel abroad”.

8. Not checking the weather at the destination
The problem here is not just getting to the destination with the wrong clothes, because you can easily buy a piece or two that you will wear again when you return home. The main issue is the eternal choice of what to pack. With an accurate online investigation of the weather you will be able to choose exactly the type of clothing you will need. Do not forget to leave room in the trunk to bring the memories ...

9. Relying solely on printed travel guides
Printed travel guides are often precious to organize your trip. But the information you are given is quickly out of date as there are changes in prices, schedules, security conditions, attractions, ... Complement your online search, especially on blogs and websites of travelers who have recently visited your favorite destination. Leave comments by asking specific questions. Do the same in travel groups on different social networks.

10. Failure to check the expiration date of documents
This error is a classic among more inexperienced travelers. It is vital to bring documents whose expiration date does not exceed the day of return. It is best to go beyond it. Pay special attention to the Citizen Card and / or Passport, Driving License (if you are renting a car), Health Insurance, etc. Check in time enough so that you can renew the documents without paying urgency fees.

11. Didn't research important information about your destination
It is the surprises on the trip that make us really excited. However, it is essential that we collect important information before we leave in order to see everything with “different eyes”. Pay particular attention to the following:

  • exchange rates
  • distinctive cultural details
  • useful phrases in the language of the destination
  • country / city history
  • visas and passports
  • customs
  • type of plugs
  • safety and health
  • places to avoid
  • useful phone numbers
  • public transport options
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