Our Mission

Routzz Vision

We are making outdoor travel more accessible, so that people of diverse backgrounds will be able to positively engage with their natural environment and local communities. 

With over 15 years of experience in outdoor travel, we found that bicycle touring allows people of various fitness levels to cover a good amount of distance in a short time, at a pace that encourages interaction with local communities.

Community Focus

We design tours focused on positive local engagement and bringing value to a variety of local businesses.

Routzz Experiences promote travel in areas that will benefit the most from our brand of low-impact tourism.

We employ and engage with local experts and contributors to help design and update our Experiences under a profit sharing partnership.

Environmental Care

Through bicycle touring we encourage environmentally conscious travel and sustainable business.

Routzz core environmental policies go a little beyond Leave No Trace and we encourage everyone to adopt an active #LitterHero approach.

Help us improve

We are far from perfect but we honestly try to run a very clean and green operation.  If you have ideas that can help us do better, we would love to hear from you

get in touch!