What is a Self-Guided Tour? All You Need to Know

What is a Self-Guided Tour? All You Need to Know

Travel is evolving so much in our world, and self-supported travel is a great way to balance the value with the experience. So what is a self-guided tour and what do you need to know? Here are 9 wonderful benefits you’ll enjoy when you make your next trip one of self-supported travel.

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What is a Self-Guided Tour?

Self guided travel is on the rise. But that begs the question, what is a self-guided tour? A Self-Guided Tour is a vacation package where you're in charge while a travel company helps take care of the less fun and more time consuming parts - so you can explore at your own pace.

It’s the best of both worlds where a self-guided adventure gives you more of what you want – versatility and freedom of traveling on your own with all the perks of an organized tour.

Why choose a Self-Guided Tour?

The difference between a self-guided tour and independent tours is that with independent tours, you do it all on your own. All the planning, bookings, research, and phone calls are your work to do. But with a self-guided tour, you have all that taken care of while having a more independent and unique experience. It saves you time and hassle as you reap the many benefits of this form of independent travel.

1. Save a huge amount of time

Planning a trip takes research and time. This process can be even more stressful if you don’t have the kind of time it takes to weed out unwanted accommodations, find affordable transport, and book the activities you’re interested in. With self-supported travel, you let professionals take out that guesswork so you can explore fearlessly.

2. Save Money

Guides can be hugely beneficial to your travel experience, however it is a service that can bump up the cost of your trip, making it simply too expensive. Using self-guided travel options can dramatically lower your costs without significantly sacrificing the quality of your trip.

3. More freedom to roam

With a self-guided tour, you get the chance to feel more independent yet have assistance along the way. It’s the middle ground between fully-guided and completely independent travel, one that gives you a lot of leeway to see and experience the things that interest you but still has a clear path to follow.

4. Get there your way

Self-guided tours allow you the choice to choose your route too. Perhaps you’d rather take the slower way there by boat to enjoy a more relaxed mode of transport. Or you’d rather hike the most intense trail and make it an epic adventure since getting there is half the fun. You get to customize it your way while still being protected by travel companies that can be there for you should something go awry.

5. More versatility and spontaneity built in

Another bonus to do self-supported travel is that you can choose the day you want to start. With guided tours, you have to run on their time and follow along in a larger group. Hence, you’re more free to stop along the way when something interests you. Instead of rushing to catch up to the tour guide, you can sit for a spell at that café that caught your eye and enjoy a bite of the local cuisine. Take more photos and do as you wish since you’re not on a tight itinerary. It’s truly the best way to see a new place because you’re not bound to a strict schedule and can explore more.

6. More chances for local interaction

While it’s certainly true that a guided tour will help you bond with the group you’re tethered together with, you won’t be lonely. With self-supported travel, you have greater freedom to mingle with the locals. That’s one of the best ways to get to know a place anyway, giving you a more authentic experience rather than a touristy one.

7. Accommodations done your way

With tour groups, you’re often relegated to certain accommodations. But what if you’d rather camp out, stay in a unique place, or go fully 5-star? By doing a self-guided tour, you can book the accommodations you want well in advance so you won’t have to worry after a busy day of exploring the area.

8. Achieve more and boost self confidence

Self-guided travel lets you feel good about yourself in that you get to do things on your terms and do them mostly on your own. That helps you feel accomplished and gives you more experience in choosing the road less traveled for your adventures.

9. It’s easier to social distance

Perhaps one of the best reasons to choose self-supported travel now is that you can stay in your own social bubble with those you travel with. You can bring the family, gather a group of friends, or even travel solo without getting too close to people you don’t know. This method of trip planning can work just as well for those with kids that just left the nest, female solo travelers, or even active urban couples who want to shake things up out in the wild.

How to choose your Self-Guided Tour

So, what is a self-guided tour? It’s one that you have full control over with flexibility and is more friendly for the budget without being left completely on your own or bound to a strict schedule. Essentially, it gives you the best of everything in the world when you head out there to explore the world.

If you’re ready to get out there and see something new, try this method of travel and you’ll discover the world as well as more about yourself.

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