Case Study: Up-scaling Ebike Rentals with Self Guided Tours

ParkeBike, a leading ebike rental company offers ebikes to travelers exploring their hilly destination. Previously, they relied on paper maps to help their customers navigate their routes. This method, although straightforward, presented several operational and customer satisfaction challenges.

  • Challenge:

    1. Time-Consuming Briefings: Each bike handover included lengthy explanations of routes.
    2. Navigation Difficulties: Despite briefing, customers got lost, downgrading experience.
    3. Operational Issues: Lost customers often used excess battery and sometimes required rescue.
    4. Customer Dissatisfaction: These issues often led to a poor customer experience and bad reviews.
  • Solution:

    1. Streamlined Handovers: With Routzz, the need for lengthy route explanations was eliminated.
    2. Enhanced Navigation: The app provides clear, easy-to-follow digital maps.
    3. Improved Operations: Effective navigation reduced battery use and need for rescues.
    4. Boosted Satisfaction: Enhanced user experience, reflected in the 5 star customers reviews.


1. Reduced Handover Time

Dropped from over 28 to under 10 minutes per customer, boosting satisfaction and increasing capacity to serve more customers.

2. Exceptional Reviews

Shift from reviews citing navigation frustrations to consistent 5-star ratings, praising easy navigation.

3. Operational Efficiency

Switching to Routzz cut down on the frequent, costly rescues of customers who went off-route and drained their batteries.

Sintra Park-e-Bike Hub and Spoke Bike Routes Guide-Routzz

4. Increased Sales

Within 6 months, monthly revenue surged by an average of 63%, as customers embarked confidently on longer rides.

Key Takeaways

The partnership between ParkeBike and Routzz showcases how adopting innovation helps surpass old hurdles and establish new benchmarks in excellence.

  • Tech Solution

    Digital tools address traditional
    business challenges effectively.

  • Customer Focus

    ParkeBike improved satisfaction and enhanced operational efficiency.

  • Adaptability

    Adopting new solutions can significantly impact revenue and customer retention.

  • Feedback Loop

    Consistently positive reviews show importance of listening to customers.