Case Study: Upgrading Self Guided Tour Delivery and Experience

Cycling-Rentals wanted to improve its self-guided tours with seamless solutions. Previously, using Garmin GPS devices posed operational challenges and affected customer satisfaction.

  • Challenge:

    1. Operational Complexity: Setting up Garmin devices was labor-intensive, requiring 45 minutes to 2 hours of manual effort per customer.
    2. Customer Experience Issues:
      Navigation and operational complexity of Garmin devices led to a sub-optimal user experience.
    3. Resource Intensive: The process demanded considerable staff intervention as well as significant investment in GPS hardware.
    4. Hard to Scale: Due to complexity of managing GPS devices and proving support, it was impossible to scale without hiring more staff.
  • Solution:

    1. Direct Download: Customers can easily download detailed daily navigation and itineraries to their personal devices.
    2. Improve User Experience: Tours are very easy to follow and have resulted 5 star reviews and referrals across all itineraries offered.
    3. Reduce Hardware Dependency: Using personal devices reduces operational complexity, and takes hardware issues and cost to zero.
    4. Allows Scaling: Cycling Rentals has been able to operate up to 4 times as many self guided tours
      using the same operational resources.


1. Operational Efficiency

Setup time dropped from average 2 hours, down to 6 minutes, saving costs, enhancing scalability and responsiveness to customers.

2. Customer Satisfaction

Routzz Adoption Decreased Support Calls by 77% using personal devices for navigation, which greatly enhanced the user experience.

3. Zero Hardware Issues

Cycling-Rentals eliminated hardware use problems and troubleshooting calls, streamlined operations and slashed hardware costs.

4. Market Position and Growth

User-friendly, self-guided tours retained and attracted more customers and grew revenue, while enabling rapid scaling of their offers.

Key Takeaways

Embracing innovative solutions allows companies to overcome traditional challenges and set new standards in service excellence.

  • Technological Solution

    Digital tools enhance operational efficiency and improving user experiences.

  • Customer Experience

    East to use technology significantly boosts customer experience and satisfaction.

  • Operational Efficiency

    Simple processes free up resources to enhance services and expand offerings.

  • Client Empowerment

    Empowering customers to use their own devices solves logistical issues and boosts satisfaction.